New Solutions in Exothermic Cutting and Underwater Welding Products

For the first time in Turkey, Turkish Standarts Institute issued a national standart (i.e. TSE K-557) on "exothermic cutting" on 15 May 2018 in cooperation with Türkuaz Yenilikçi Teknikler Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Hence, our company is the first and only company manufacturing in accordance with the said standard in Turkey. Metals (stainless steel, aluminum, sheet, etc...) can easily be cut with this product.


"Exothermic cutting" is very useful in many areas such as; manufacturing industry, assembly & de-assembly, removal of wastes/scrap on-land and underwater. Moreover, it meets the very special need for intervention by Fire Rescue, Military and Safety regarding. Portable TYT cutting equipment which can cut almost any kind of metal with exothermic process delivers fast, easy and practical solution for all those needs. This light weight recovery and torch system is designed to provide the maximum cutting capacity in portable cutting systems.


The above-mentioned cutting needs are mainly met with the following methods; mixture gas torches, hydraulic shears, laser, plasma cutting apparatus and abrasive stones. TYT products can deliver practical solutions in moments and in areas of need when most other methods can not due to the fact that they are not portable, they are not at the desired speed, they are slow in cutting speed and they can cut upto a certain thickness. TYT products are capable of cutting 100 mm thick steel in less than 5 minutes.