FREE TYT Cutting and Welding Electrodes (just pay shipping)

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You cover the shipping cost and we will send you FREE welding and cutting electrodes for you to experience the quality of our products.

Free Kit consists of 25 TYT cutting electrodes, 25 TYT welding electrodes and 1 collet for BR22, 1 collet for BR22+

  • Enhanced Performance: TYT electrodes outperform the competition with a burning material that is 29% more efficient. This means you can cut larger quantities with less effort, streamlining your projects and maximizing productivity
  • Optimal Efficiency: Working at a significantly lower working pressure of 5-6 bar with 40 amperes, TYT electrodes outshine their counterparts that require a minimum of 7.5 bars. This translates to a 25% reduction in oxygen consumption, leading to cost savings and extended underwater operation time.
  • Unbeatable Cost-Effectiveness: TYT electrodes prove to be approximately three times more economical than traditional 3/8” electrodes, thanks to their improved efficiency, lower oxygen consumption and price. Not only will you experience cost savings in the long run, but you will also enhance your overall project profitability

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